Freshers’ Week

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, freshers’ week will be looking different this year. Stay posted for more details!

Hall Groups

We have groups that meet in every hall to study the Bible with and encorage each other in evangelism where you are living.


Get put in touch with an older student who would be happy to meet up with you. Your link-up can encourage you and answer any questions you may have about faith or student life.

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Hall Groups

Wherever you are staying in first year there should be a weekly hall group near you. If you want to study the Bible, get to know other Christians in your area, and be equipped to handle evangelism in a new setting then check out which hall group is nearest you.

Each hall group runs on a day of the week that works for the most people in the group. If you are busy on that day then don’t worry! Have a chat to other leaders to check when other groups are running.

Below are the leaders of each of the Hall Groups: