Freshers’ Week

Hopefully, (COVID dependent!), freshers week will be running as normal this year!

We’ll be running some great events that will hopefully give you the chance to meet others in cu, get involved and make you feel at home in Edinburgh.


Saturday 11th – Tea & biscuits drop-in

Sunday 12th – Church Search (9:30am & 5pm), meet outside the Chaplaincy (right next to Potterrow)

Monday 13th – Launch Night (7:30pm) at Central Church. There will be a group meeting at the Chaplaincy (by Potterrow) to walk over together.

Tuesday 14th – Arthur’s Seat walk with International Café (2pm). Meet at entrance to Pollock Halls

– Ceilidh (7:30pm at Life Church Edinburgh)

Wednesday 15th – BBQ & Rounders in the Meadows (1pm)

– International Café: What’s your story? (7:30pm at Carrubbers Church)

Thursday 16th – Grub Crawl, (meet at Chaplaincy at 6pm)

Friday 17th – Pub Quiz (7:30pm at Brew Dog on Lothian Road). A group will meet at 7pm at the Chaplaincy to walk over together.

Sunday 18th – Church Search (9:30am & 5pm), meet outside the Chaplaincy (right next to Potterrow)

We also have groups that will be running through the year that you can sign up for now.

See details below:

impact groups

This year everyone from the CU will be put into an ‘Impact Group’: a group of around 6 students who will meet online and in person to encourage one another through God’s word.

Please sign up below to get involved in these!


Get put in touch with an older student who would be happy to meet up with you. Your link-up can encourage you and answer any questions you may have about faith or student life.

Please sign up on the Impact Group sign up form above, the link-up form is on the second page.