Events week 2022

As a Christian Union, we want to give every student at the University of Edinburgh the chance to hear and respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ. One way we do this is by putting a massive effort into one week every year, so you can come along with your questions and engage with Christians on the topic. Each year we pick a theme. Talk titles match this, we spend time exploring this theme, and we even wear jumpers to match!

Everyone has a purpose. What’s yours?

Faith or no faith, everyone believes in something. Your cleaner in accommodation has one. The guy sitting next to you in the library has one. And the friend that invited you along to a talk –they have a faith as well. This week is an invitation to explore stories of life and Christianity, to hear about lives transformed by faith and to ask questions about the Christian purpose.

From 31st January –  4th February 2022, Edinburgh Christian Union are running a week of events on the theme of Purpose. There will be lunchtime talks addressing how topics such as justice, the climate crisis, and success fit into the Christian purpose. Dave Hampton will speak to us in the evening on the purpose in our identity, suffering, who we follow and more. For you international students here at Edinburgh, you’re invited to our international meals in the evening, where we can enjoy cuisine from around the world, make friends, and explore faith in Jesus.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you believe – you are so welcome to come along to these events!

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Lets talk about…

A few times each semester we have a talk and discussion time about a big question. There are separate events at Central campus and King’s Buildings so there should be one near you. There is also a free lunch, so it’s a win win.

Night Cafe

About once every two weeks we run the Night Cafe – you might see us out at Potterow or Cowgate handing out free tea, coffee, and hot chocolate. We love showing people how much God loves them and think this is a great way to do it.

International Cafe

Free meal with a different theme each week with an opportunity to find out more about the Bible and explore faith! We meet on Wednesdays at Carrubers Christian Centre (Royal Mile) from 7.30 pm. Everyone is very welcome!