Welcome freshers 2021!

Edinburgh University Christian Union is a society run by students who are Christians and want all other students on campus to have the opportunity to hear and respond to the good news of Jesus Christ.

Because of the ongoing pandemic, the Christian Union will be looking a bit different this year! If you want to get involved at EUCU this year then we’d recommend joining the Facebook page and signing up for an Impact Group


We run several events on a regular basis, click here to find out what happens at each one.

Help out

We organise and run all of our events, so if you’re a Christian who wants to help out, we’d love to have you on board!

About us

Find out what we believe, our mission statement, and who is on the committee.


We have extra resources to help international students studying in Edinburgh.

Who is this for?

We welcome everyone to come to an event, whether you are a convinced athiest, don’t know anything about God, or if you belong to another faith.

If you’re a Christian interested in sharing the Gospel with others then your help would be much appreciated.

Extra resources

If you’re a fresher or an international student then we have extra stuff to help you get settled.